Has some concerns

To the editor: In a few short weeks for the second time in a year Iowa Central will be asking residents to increase our taxes to fund “improvements” at the campus. Before voters head to the polls, I would like to see the finances of the college. Maybe The Messenger can help publish those. How much do they have in general savings, payroll costs, yearly endowment, tuition earnings? If myself and others are potentially footing the bill I want to know it will be managed properly. Real life isn’t a kickstarter or goFundMe. com account. I cannot believe an institution such as this wouldn’t be able to finance these improvements internally. If these improvements have been desperately needed for so long, why did they fall into such disrepair local residents have to foot the bill for it? Where’d all that money go to over all those years? Our local taxes keep going up and up. These tax hikes for improvements in the last few years stink and need to stop. We’re stuck paying for improvements in a few key areas while the rest of this town that’s off the “main streets” falls into disrepair. Where are the numbers? Scott Sandvig Fort Dodge