Reacts to theft

To the editor:

While it’s highly unlikely any of the low-life jerks following the U.S. Postal Service delivery trucks ever read a newspaper, let alone a book or anything remotely educational, I feel inclined to write this on behalf of all the Fort Dodge citizens who might be in the same situation I find myself in today. Perhaps the (person) will actually get caught someday soon and have lots free time to catch up on the back issues while visiting Fort Dodge’s finest during their extended stay at the LEC.

Only a coward would make a mad dash up the steps to grab a box, run down the steps and depart with a car door slam and getaway driver speeding away. I bet you really thought you were pretty cool, didn’t you? How disappointing to find that inside that package was a telephone headset that no one else really has any use for these days. That package meant the difference between maintaining my job* or losing it (*that’s J O B … an honest line of work you do with pride every day to support yourself and your family; and you receive a paycheck in return for doing it well). Quite a concept isn’t it? You really should consider giving it a try — especially if you have children who will eventually figure out who you are and what you are doing (if they haven’t already).

I consider myself fortunate in the sense that the package you stole from my front door Wednesday morning was NOT a Christmas present. You should consider yourself lucky I didn’t have my car Wednesday because I would have been right behind you while calling 911. My heart goes out to those who have undoubtedly lost presents purchased for their children and stolen by you cowards. I had no idea my package had even been delivered until I heard the stomping up and down my steps and the car speeding away (10:40 a.m.). The package was delivered at 10:36 a.m. per the tracking information so obviously stalking a federal employee is also on your list of fun things to do.

Don’t be too proud of yourselves or get too cocky. You will get caught.

I’ll bring you a few books to read and the help wanted ads while you’re a guest of the LEC.

Cindy L McCarthy

Fort Dodge