Supports Bemrich

To the editor:

Matt Bemrich is not just a good mayor. He is a great mayor. He represents Fort Dodge and the citizens of Fort Dodge with passion. I have had the opportunity to work with Matt on a number of community projects and committees. He is a tireless worker for Fort Dodge. He deals with problems head-on. He is informed and always organized. When you make a call to Matt Bemrich you get a response that is both prompt and thorough. He takes issues head-on. He doesn’t play politics. He just tells it like it is and gets things done. Fort Dodge is lucky to have Matt Bemrich’s leadership. His understanding of business and relationship building is critical to the future progress of Fort Dodge. He is invested in Fort Dodge for the long haul. He is not rying to make some outrageous sound bites to try to scare up a few votes. The idea that he has mismanaged the City’s police force or ambulance force is nothing more than bad politics. Matt has developed valuable community partnerships that make the City more efficient and cost effective. Abandoning those important community relationships would be grossly irresponsible and result in a loss of valuable services to the citizens of Fort Dodge. There is only one real choice for mayor. We are lucky to have Matt Bemrich as a community leader and I encourage everyone to continue to support Matt Bemrich for Mayor.

Stu Cochrane

Fort Dodge