Supports Alstott

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Kim Alstott, our Fourth Ward City Councilman. Having served on the council for six years, Kim has shown integrity and wisdom while serving to promote the exceptional advancements our community has achieved under the strong leadership of our Mayor Matt Bemrich.

Some of Kim’s personal achievements include being a missionary for 18 years and being trained as a financial counselor. Being a retired businessman give him a unique perspective as well as the time to devote to his council responsibilities. Kim served in the military for eight years and is giving back to his hometown by his many board and committee involvements. Currently he is the president of the Salvation Army Advisory board, volunteers with PICA, Upper Des Moines Opportunity board, Crime Stoppers board and the Community Christian School board for ten years. Kim and his wife Sharka have been married 23 years and he is the father of three. Kim Alstott and Matt Bemrich have vision, enjoy helping others and are in the process of developing some outstanding goals for our community. Let’s keep them both in office and show our appreciation for their years of dedicated service.

Lin Simpson

Fort Dodge