Supports Alstott

To the editor:

When voters check and double-check candidates’ capabilities and qualifications for sitting on the Fort Dodge City Council, they will easily determine that Kim Alstott is the most knowledgeable and most qualified to serve Fort Dodge.

We need to elect a leader with strong values, knowledge and a wealth of experience with Fort Dodge issues and practices. When you talk to Kim Alstott, you easily and quickly learn his purpose as a City Councilman is to create a city environment that provides job creation — acquire entrepreneurs and business owners to provide employment for citizens — to strengthen our economy — and protect our values.

Perhaps Kim Alstott’s most notable feature or quality to serve our city is his “sense of civic duty.” For the many years I have known him, he is a man of honor, of ethics, and of unquestionable integrity. He is a sound thinker. He will help a resident with a problem and will work to rectify that problem. Of prime importance, he cares about our citizens and cares about our city. He brings years of knowledge and experience to any table. His record proves he is reliable and willing to work long and hard to solve the city’s smallest or biggest problems to provide compatible results.

Kim Alstott is the candidate with experience, knowledge, initiative and the dedication to serve and work for the best interests of Fort Dodge. Clear thinking and intelligent voters can easily determine he is “the right man for the job!”

Will Messerly

Fort Dodge