Supports Alstott

To the editor:

As a resident of the Fourth Ward, I wish to endorse Kim Alstott as the most qualified candidate for City Council Member for Ward 4. Mr. Alstott’s concerns and visions of the future are primary in his actions as a current member of the city council. He has served us well for the last three terms.

I believe in his qualifications. Before making decisions, he does his research. He has visited with those involved in the planning of both residential and commercial/industrial areas of the city. Kim studied the plans for the new Williams Bend residential development by visiting with the contractors and planners of the area. Also, he has discussed these plans with the residents of the area. He has Fort Dodge foremost in the mind and actions.

He believes that the primary issues confronting the city council are the city’s growth and the maintenance of infrastructure. The streets, trails, and recreation areas need to show the best side of the city. Mr. Alstott can accomplish goals when citizens need a voice to the city. For example, when some residents were unsuccessful getting some street work done in their area, Kim was contacted about the matter. Within 48 hours, city workers had finished the needed maintenance.

Part of Kim’s dedication includes his participation in organizations, including Pride in Community Appearance (PICA). Kim has been active in this group for many years. PICA’s goal is the maintenance of city parks, public facilities and corridor restoration. When the city needs extra help trimming, planting, mulching and cleaning, Kim, as a regular member of PICA, participates in PICA donating his time and expertise to beautifying areas.

To quote Kim: “together we can make Fort Dodge a nice town to live in.”

John Robertson,

Fort Dodge