Praises Larry Bushman

To the editor:

I would like to offer my salute and my thanks to Larry Bushman for his years of great service to Fort Dodge and Webster County in his nearly three decades as publisher of The Messenger and to wish him all the best in retirement.

As a lifelong subscriber to The Messenger, starting back in 1950 when I began a law practice in Fort Dodge, I have treasured what our hometown newspaper means to our city and surrounding area.

In my years as mayor and a judge, I believe nothing is more important to our city and to our democracy than an informed citizenry. Larry’s leadership and the work of Messenger editors over the years have helped make that happen.

Larry has been a wonderful steward of the newspaper — always interested in what is happening and making sure that news is covered in the pages — and now the web site — of our hometown newspaper. Whenever I see him, he always has a friendly smile.

I was a close friend of Walter Stevens, longtime editor of The Messenger, and will always be grateful to Larry for all he did for Walt in his last years — including the “Thank you, Walter Stevens” banner that hung below Walt’s office window overlooking Central Avenue on the day of his funeral services in 2013.

And I am delighted that Larry is keeping an office in The Messenger to do consulting work for its owning company — and that Walt’s old corner office overlooking Central Avenue is where Larry is working from.

Thank you, Larry, for all you have meant to our city. I know you will continue to contribute to making Fort Dodge a great place to live.

Albert L. Habhab

Fort Dodge