Insurance claim gets results

To the editor:

On Oct. 9, I was driving on Patterson Field Road when all of a sudden I heard a bang and the next thing I knew, my low tire pressure indicator came on. When I got to the stop sigh of Gypsum Hollow Road and Patterson Field Road, I got out and went around to my passenger side and sure enough, my tire was flat. If you had driven down that road prior to Oct. 9, you would have noticed that it was full of potholes. Well it ends up that I had hit one of them and it was bad enough that it cut the tread and the side of a brand new tire.

Within a couple of days of my flat tire, I contacted the city to file a claim because of the pothole. I submitted the form along with three photos and was told that it would be sent to the insurance company for the city. A few days later, I received a call from the claims adjustor for ICAP, the insurance company, and went through a telephone interview regarding the incident. During the conversation, I indicated that the road was full of potholes and that it was in bad shape. The adjustor asked if I had ever called to report the potholes before. I told her I had not. She then told me that if the road was that bad I shouldn’t have been driving on it.

I asked her if she had looked at the pictures I had sent with my claim and she indicated she had. I explained to her that my tires were only a few months old and I could understand that if they had been in bad shape it would be more likely that the pothole could flatten my tire. I told her that I had to pay another $100 for a new tire and she told me that it was good thing that the new tire only cost $100. She indicated she did not believe that it was the city’s responsibility to reimburse me because the city was not at fault for the potholes and the condition of the road.

About three or four days later I went down the same road and all of the holes on the street had been fixed.


Traci Clausen

Fort Dodge