Impressed with Butler students

To the editor:

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the students at Butler Elementary School in Fort Dodge about conflict resolution. I arrived at the school 10 or 15 minutes before I was scheduled to speak to the students assembled in the gymnasium. I got to meet some of the students as I walked through the cafeteria. They were all very polite. They asked questions that showed that they were interested and curious. We had very pleasant conversations.

As the time approached for my talk, the students, teachers and staff came into the gym in a very orderly fashion. All of the students were in line and walked quietly to their seats. They waited patiently for all of the other students to come into the gymnasium. They were all very well behaved. When I began speaking, I was very impressed with how attentive they were. They did not speak out of turn. They all paid attention and the expressions on their faces showed interest in the subject. I could tell that the kids knew that the teachers and staff at Butler care very much for them. One of the greatest gifts a teacher can give a student is to let that student know that another adult cares about them. It was obvious to me that the teachers and staff at Butler School care about these children as I watched their interactions with the children.

I was so impressed with the behavior of these children who were each engaging, polite, curious and respectful. I hope that the parents, teachers, staff and children know how awesome those kids are. Those few minutes I got to spend with them made my day.

Jerry L. Schnurr III

Fort Dodge