Defends Humane Society

To the editor:

Your recent article concerning the Humboldt County Humane Society quoted a statement that was highly inaccurate. We are not a dog shelter. We are not in name only.

We cannot financially support a shelter. We work out of Harmony Animal Hospital because they give us a discount on all fees. Because it is an animal hospital, we don’t have abundant space for strays. We have never turned away a sick or injured animal that needs treatment. We reunite all animals if possible and fine homes for the others. We spay, neuter, vaccinate and treat animals when necessary, so they are adoptable or can go to a facility that can adopt them out. We are no kill unless the animal is suffering and there in no hope for recovery. We have spayed, neutered and vaccinated many cats for which citizens are willing to provide food and shelter. We do not spay and neuter for individual pets.

We just adopted out a kitten that Merri Hansen brought to us. We currently have a kitten and pitbull that she brought to us to adopt out. We are licensed by the state to hold and adopt out animals. We encouraged Merri Hansen to address the supervisors with the shelter issue.

The city and county, in the past, have given the HCHS a $500 stipend. That doesn’t cover one month’s expenses, but we are thankful for the donations. The HCHS is supported by donations. There are no salaries or wages. Other than vet fees, all work is volunteer.

The Humboldt County Humane Society will continue to educate and provide service to the sick, injured, lost and abandoned animals in Humboldt County to the best of our ability.

Sheryl Tegtmeyer

HCHS secretary/treasurer