Awards event succeeds

To the editor:

On April 2, It Gets Better FD & Beyond held its fourth annual Kids Choice Awards at Fort Frenzy’s Cardiff Center.

Kids from five different school districts and all of Webster County selected people in their lives that have made it better for them.

We had over 250 nominations this year which continues to grow each year. The youths had a difficult task to narrow the nominees down to 20 deserving individuals.

These final nominees are held in high honors and well respected in the eyes of the children who have selected them. We are honored to give them a night they will hopefully never forget.

This event would not be possible without the support of our great friends at Fort Frenzy. Josh Lennon, Mellissa Wildt and the entire staff who orchestrated such a magical night for us all.

A great thank you to Jason Liska Photography for bringing his photo booth and providing his talents. Gary from Trophies Unlimited, and of course our very own George McGhee for keeping a photographic journal of our memories in the making at every event.

Thank you to our veteran’s division One Last Mission chairs Mike and Ann Adams for helping our ambassadors raise money to give to the Brushy Creek Honor Flight.

This year’s event was exceptionally special for us as we announced the re-branding of our new name.

This organization has steadily grown in the past six years. Our resources have been broadened to all of Webster County, the state of Iowa, nationally, and in some instances, globally.

To include our expansion, and continue to serve families and youths everywhere, we have rebranded our name to Youth Empowerment Association Inc. With the help of MNW art instructor Theodore Clark and his brilliant art students, Alexis Stuhrenberg, Tiffany Espe, Lauren Harris, Gabbie Herzberg, and Emma Anderson. They have designed our new identity in a painting that they accomplished during the two hours of the event.

These young artists now have ownership of the new logo as we remain loyal to our roots in Webster County and the amazing kids which are part of this organization.

Thank you.

Jenny Johnson

Breck Johnson

Fort Dodge