Advice for motorists

To the editor:

It seems no matter where I go whether it is to work, the grocery store, or to take my wife out for dinner I almost always get behind one of those vehicles that doesn’t have blinkers. You follow them for a while and all of a sudden, without warning, they just stop and turn. I do my best Nascar maneuver to avoid them.

Once my panic attack and blood pressure has subsided from the near miss and possibly yelling a cuss word or 10 at them, I realize that is not their fault. They just happened to buy one of those blinkerless vehicles.

I am not sure if they were trying to save money at the time of the purchase. Maybe the car dealer was having a year-end close out sale. Or the “honest car salesman” in his zealousness forgot to mention it during his overwhelming sales pitch that this particular model wasn’t equipped with a blinker system. He was too busy explaining the life-saving dual air bags that would explode in the event of a rear-end collision.

In my opinion, this is why all of us have to pay such high rates when it comes to car insurance because of stupid accidents caused by thoughtless drivers. I just don’t understand how people will spend up to $50,000 or more on a vehicle and not want to pay a few extra dollars to have blinkers installed from the factory? They were probably thinking to themselves, “After I drive my car for a few thousand miles and get it broke in I will go back to the dealer and have them install blinkers. I need to see if I am going to have a use for them first.” For those of you who aren’t sure if your car has blinkers, next time you are about to turn move the little handle on the left side of your steering wheel. If a green light starts blinking on your dash then your car came with blinkers. Now all you have to do is use them.

Rick Carle

Fort Dodge