Thank you Sen. Kraayenbrink

To the editor:

Thank you to Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink for his recent “yes” vote for the fuel tax increase to help repair and build roads and bridges that are so desperately needed in the state of Iowa. Due to both inflationary factors and more fuel efficient vehicles traveling on the roads, there is a huge revenue shortfall of the funds necessary to repair and build the roadways in Iowa. This fuel tax increase will certainly help to overcome this shortfall and as a result, all Iowans and visitors of Iowa will have better roads to travel on.

It is refreshing and enlightening to see that a person and politician will keep an open mind, evaluate a situation with new input, and be able to make the right decision for his constituency and for the state of Iowa.

Even though I recognize that we at Decker Truck Line Inc. will have a significant increase in costs due to the fuel tax increase, I also recognize that it is imperative that we allocate the necessary funds to the roadways to maintain a vibrant economy in the state of Iowa.

Again, I thank Sen. Kraayenbrink and all of those who voted in favor of the fuel tax increase and for recognizing the benefits that the Iowa taxpayers will gain from these additional revenues.

Donald L. Decker

President and chairman of the board

Decker Truck Line Inc.

Fort Dodge