Weighs in on Almost Home

To the editor:

Regarding the budget shortfall at Almost Home, I want to verify that monetizing funny animal videos via YouTube, especially as a nonprofit has been considered. Just about everyone has a smartphone and can record a video at a moment’s notice and there are several staff members. There’s some talent around Fort Dodge that might offer an hour of silly voices and finding a scribe or two with a humorous outlook wouldn’t be impossible.

I understand there are a lot of funny pet videos on YouTube, and although I prefer channels like euronews-no comment or codepinkaction, there is always a viral video that gets several million views. Several million views can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, although that is rare. Smaller numbers of views are more common, but those pay as well. I understand that as a registered nonprofit, viewers can make donations. Is a laugh or smile worth a dollar?

I see there are about 6,000 likes on the Almost Home Fakebook page. With a push and shove, will those 6,000 promote any of perhaps several daily videos to their friends? Maybe. Since cutting staff is not an option at this stage, although cutting hours is cutting labor, low/no investment long shots have, I’m sure, been considered.

Jim Lloyd

Fort Dodge