Lauds writers

To the editor:

I’m writing to say how much I enjoy these three people. First there is Jeanine Nemitz. She writes an article for the Active Living. She has so many good ideas for everyone, and especially for senior citizens. She also writes about many things of the past. So many great memories.

Then there is Mary Feldman. She is a fun read. Always something to make you chuckle. She can be very serious also. Like the articles she wrote about Sidney Poitier. I always look forward to her in the Active Living.

The third is Eric Pratt. What a fine sports writer. He keeps us up on all the good and bad things that go on in the sports world. He covers our local sports very well also.

My all-time favorite was Bob Brown, but Eric Pratt is right up there with the best of them.

Thank you for all the good work.

Shirley Zuspann

Fort Dodge