Congratulations, Gov. Reynolds

Her election is important, and historic

After a hard-fought, closely contested election, voters chose Kim Reynolds to serve an additional four years as our state’s governor. That’s good news for all Iowans because she has proved herself to be a skilled leader who is helping the Hawkeye State thrive.

Reynolds came to the governor’s chair as the protege of former Gov. Terry Branstad. Succeeding one of Iowa’s most popular and effective chief executives was a daunting assignment. Branstad’s prestige and accomplishments set standards that few politicians could have hoped to emulate.

Reynolds, however, has proved herself fully up to that difficult challenge.

By almost every measure, Iowa is doing well. The economy is healthy and growing. Unemployment is at a record low. State government is well-managed. The budget is balanced and the state’s financial reserves are in fine shape. Taxpayers are seeing their money spent wisely and with frugality. Assorted national rankings put our state ahead of most other states in a diverse assortment of categories.

More and more Americans are coming to realize that the Hawkeye State is one of the best places in the nation to make a home and build a career. Reynolds has helped make that happen but is not content to point with pride to achievement. Instead she sees it as the starting point for bringing about an even better future.

Initiatives that stimulate plentiful jobs for Iowa workers that also pay well have been among Reynolds’ top priorities. Those crucial goals are already being achieved with even more success on the horizon. Additionally, Reynolds knows that keeping Iowa’s educational system top-rated and in sync with the needs of employers are both crucial to the state’s future prosperity. Her championing of enhanced science, technology and mathematics education in our state’s schools has won national recognition and praise.

The Messenger congratulates Reynolds on winning the governorship. She will enter the history books as not only the first woman to serve as Iowa’s governor but now as the first to be elected to that post. Having seen how much Reynolds has accomplished during her short tenure in governorship, we are delighted that she will remain at the helm in the years just ahead. She is dedicated to keeping Iowa the envy of the nation.