Today Americans honor our flag

This important symbol of our nation deserves great respect

More than two centuries ago, on June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress of the newly established United States of America adopted a resolution making an early version of the stars and stripes our national flag.

That flag, with modifications to reflect an increase in the number of states, has now flown over our nation for 241 years. It is a symbol of this country’s shared commitment to democratic values and of Americans’ resolve to keep faith with the inspiring vision of the Founding Fathers.

Today is Flag Day. This special day has been set aside as an occasion not only to display our flag proudly, but also as an appropriate time to reflect on the story of America.

Presidents Woodrow Wilson in 1916 and Calvin Coolidge in 1927 issued proclamations calling on Americans to celebrate Flag Day. It didn’t become a permanent official day for a national observance until Congress enacted and President Truman signed a law making it so in 1949. That statute directs the president to issue an annual proclamation urging Americans to participate in honoring what our flag symbolizes by displaying it proudly.

President Donald Trump’s Flag Day proclamation issued in 2017 captures how Americans feel about the flag and the nation:

“By honoring our flag, we pay due respect to the patriots and heroes who have laid down their lives in defense of the liberty it represents. As we raise the flag, we stand and salute or place our hands on our hearts, and we recall the fundamental truths upon which this nation was founded: that we are all created equal and that just government derives its power from the people.”

On this Flag Day 2018, The Messenger, is proud to join in the annual celebration of Old Glory.