A transformation is taking shape

An abandoned grain elevator is becoming a work of art

Sometimes a structure created for one purpose — but which is no longer needed for that role — can be transformed. That’s exactly what’s happening in Eagle Grove.

An abandoned grain elevator is taking on a new life as a work of art. Plans call for it to honor the heritage of Eagle Grove and pay tribute to our veterans. The walls of that huge, 80-foot-tall building eventually will be covered with murals.

Some of the art will commemorate the agricultural and railroad influence on the development of north central Iowa. Other murals will memorialize the people who lost their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attack. Artwork also will pay tribute to our American veterans. The late Iowa Gov. Robert Blue, a native of Eagle Grove, will also be memorialized.

This project has been underway for several years and is still far from finished. Work began in 2011. A sizable portion of the artwork on one side of the structure is already complete, but needs some additional attention.

This commendable undertaking is moving slower than had been hoped because additional funding is needed.

Daryl Watts, who chairs the Veterans Memorial Tower board, told The Messenger that $17,500 is available for the project but upward of $100,000 is needed. The organization overseeing this effort has nonprofit 501(c)3 status so donations are tax deductible. Contributions can be sent to Veterans Memorial Tower, P.O. Box 126, Eagle Grove, IA 50533.

The Messenger applauds the creativity that inspired this worthy endeavor. Dedicated board members and others in the community who are championing this artistic re-imagining of the elevator are working hard bring their vision it to a successful conclusion. We urge anyone who can help to do so. This effort deserves strong support.