Justice Neil Gorsuch is correct

Our courts should be about the law, not government policy

Judges and appeals court justices are not supposed to make new laws. Their role under our checks-and-balances system is limited to interpreting laws and state and national constitutions.

For many years, some on the U.S. Supreme Court ignored that fundamental doctrine. Now, however, the tide seems to be changing — and that is a very good thing for Americans concerned about basic rights.

Recently, the nation’s highest court released an opinion in a controversial case involving the relationship between workers and their employers. The decision was reached in a 5-4 vote among justices.

But writing for the majority, Justice Neil Gorsuch noted that “as a matter of policy, these questions are surely debatable. But as a matter of law, the answer is clear.”


Activist judges often attempt to supplant legislatures and Congress in enacting laws. Good for Gorsuch and the court majority in this case for recognizing such behavior is, frankly, unconstitutional.