Honor Flights deserve support

Veterans who served during wars helped preserve our liberty

Sixteen million Americans served in this nation’s military forces during the most horrific war in history — World War II. The nation’s official memorial paying tribute to their sacrifices was a long time coming. It finally was opened to the public on April 29, 2004, in Washington, D.C. Sadly, many of the veterans who proudly wore their country’s uniforms and survived those long-ago battles did not live to see this splendid tribute to their service completed.

The Honor Flight program made it possible for thousands of aging World War II veterans — including many from our area — to visit the memorial and other sights in our nation’s capital.

Locally, Ron Newsum heads a committee that organized and has carried out 16 Brushy Creek Area Honor Flights. Through these flights, veterans were afforded the opportunity to journey to the memorials between 2010 and this year. The most recent Brushy Creek Honor Flight took place on May 12.

The program initially honored veterans of World War II. Since it has been more than 70 years since that war ended, not many those who fought and won that struggle are still alive. Even fewer are well enough to make the journey to Washington, D.C. Consequently, the most recent flights have involved veterans of the Vietnam War, Korean War and any remaining World War II veterans who are able to participate. Approximately, 5.7 million Americans fought in Korea. More than 3 million served in the Southeast Asia Theater during the Vietnam War.

The veterans fly for free on these inspiring journeys thanks to the funds raised by the local Honor Flight Committee.

The Messenger applauds this effort and strongly supports these flights. Making certain that every eligible veteran who wishes to participate has the chance is an important goal. Contributions to support additional flights can be sent to Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight, Walker Law Office, 320 S. 12th St., Fort Dodge, IA 50501.

The veterans being honored for their service to our nation should be a source of pride to us all. Their sacrifices so long ago helped make the liberty we enjoy in the 21st century possible.