Improvements are about to begin

They’ll help Fort Dodge Regional Airport remain state-of-the-art

In May an important construction project will get under way at the Fort Dodge Regional Airport.

The air carrier apron — the area where airliners park to load and unload passengers — will be replaced starting in May. It is anticipated that this much-needed work will be finished by late summer.

Funding for this important maintenance effort will come from a combination of federal, state and local sources. The Federal Aviation Administration is providing a grant of $2,487,371. The state’s share is $80,533. The city of Fort Dodge is allocating $276,375 for the rebuild of the apron.

Fort Dodge is fortunate to have a state-of-the art airport featuring direct commercial passenger flights to major airline hubs. Our airport also has first-rate facilities to serve the varied needs of private and corporate aviation.

The inescapable truth is that even those Fort Dodgers who never personally board a plane here have an enormous stake in the success of the Fort Dodge Regional Airport. The economic prospects of our town and the prosperity of neighboring communities are enhanced by the presence of commercial air service and a well-run, up-to-date airport.

The Messenger applauds this enhancement to the airport. Keeping it topnotch is a crucial part of the strategy for keeping the regional economy booming.

Relatively few communities the size of Fort Dodge can boast of airport facilities that equal those at the Fort Dodge Regional Airport or as much commercial air service. Companies seeking to expand or relocate consider the quality of the airport and air service a community possesses to be important decision factors in choosing where to invest. Our airport gives Fort Dodge a major advantage in the competition for future corporate investment dollars.