Trump outlines his game plan

His record has many successes but nation remains divided

Many of those who watched or read about President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, will be very skeptical in their judgments. As they have been doing during his first year in office, they will judge the book by its cover.

Presidents often use State of the Union addresses to outline major policy stances, sometimes including new initiatives. That’s what Trump did Tuesday. In that light, critical examination of what Trump said is entirely appropriate.

Some will reject his entire strategy out of hand, however. Their minds were made up long before the president took office.

In fairness, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing over some specific policies. And Trump’s personal behavior — yes, we mean the tweets — sometimes can be disquieting.

But look at the record:

Our economy is surging. Tens of millions of working men and women are beginning to see more in their paychecks, because of tax reform pushed by the president. Tens of millions more, either retired or planning to become so, are seeing their pension savings programs grow because of the booming stock markets.

Abroad, the catastrophe predicted by some has not occurred — though critical challenges such as that posed by North Korea remain to be handled.

In other words, the Trump “book” makes for relatively pleasant reading.