School board makes good decision

Delaying move to new Duncombe to fall 2018 makes sense

As the finishing touches are put on the new Duncombe Elementary School, the excitement is growing about the move into this superb new facility.

It might have been possible to shift students to the new school early in 2018. The Fort Dodge Community School District Board of Education has decided, however, not to rush things. Students and staff will make the transition to Duncombe at the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

This decision is a sound one.

Had staff and students taken residency in the new Duncombe early in 2018, it might have been necessary to complete some final adjustments to the building during the first months they were there. That could have been unnecessarily disruptive to the educational process. By fall, all work on the building should long since have been completed. Additionally, there will have been time to make sure the grounds are in top shape.

Since the school district is in the process of making boundary adjustments that might have meant some students would have been initially assigned to Duncombe only to face a reassignment elsewhere for the next school year. Having the boundaries settled before Duncombe is brought online is a prudent decision.

The Messenger joins the rest of the community in being delighted by the rebirth of Duncombe Elementary School. We applaud the decision by Superintendent Doug Van Zyl and the school board to make the transition for students and staff an orderly one, rather than a hurried move in the midst of winter.