Take the campaign signs down now

Don’t let those expressions of support become eyesores

In the weeks leading up to the Nov. 5 city election signs and posters touting various candidates began to appear in yards and vacant lots, on lampposts and in just about any spot where they might catch the eye of passers-by. While the clutter could be viewed as offensive from a strictly aesthetic standpoint, there’s another perspective. The multitude of advocacy statements reflects the vibrancy of our political system and thus was a thing of beauty to anyone who treasures our democracy.

That was then.

The election is over.

It’s understandable that signs might stay up briefly post-election constituting something of a victory lap for the winners and a defiant statement of resolve to persevere and prevail on some future election day by those who came up short. The time is now at hand, however, for those politically engaged people who put up the signs to show respect for their fellow citizens by removing them. What were initially a testament to democracy will soon be out-of-place eyesores.

Good citizenship now requires that the signs come down within the next few days.