It’s time to vote

Fort Dodge City Council primary election is Tuesday

There are exciting things afoot in Fort Dodge.

Fort Dodge and Webster County are well-positioned to prosper if creative leaders in government and the private sector leverage assets and resources appropriately to take advantage of the very real opportunities for business and commercial development.

Assorted governmental and private sector assessments of the options available to Fort Dodge have attracted intense interest and stimulated extensive discussion. It has become clear that with enlightened leadership and selfless volunteer efforts, the Fort Dodge of tomorrow can be a place that will inspire pride and could become a favored destination for both visitors and corporate investors.

That’s why the current City Council election is so important.

The individuals voters choose to serve on the council will help decide whether the exciting options that exist materialize or slip from our grasp.

Tuesday’s primary election is the first stage of this year’s city election. Voters living all across Fort Dodge have important choices to make.

Show your commitment to Fort Dodge’s future by voting in Tuesday’s primary election. Those who cast a ballot will help shape our town’s future.