Fort Dodge seeks harmony with workers

City Council says they must have mechanisms to convey their views

As a result of a new state law regarding what subjects may be addressed in collective bargaining sessions, the way the city government officials can interact with the unions that represent workers it employs has been altered.

In Fort Dodge, according to city officials, a very positive relationship has been established with the three unions to which many city workers belong. To make certain that the cooperative spirit that now exists is not compromised by the new state rules, the Fort Dodge City Council on Monday adopted unanimously a resolution underlining its commitment to having appropriate communication with workers about policies that affect them.

The resolution says in part:

“Whereas, the City Council … values our employees and strongly believes that we all benefit when employees have a voice in the workplace,

“Now, therefore be it resolved … that the City of Fort Dodge, Iowa, will treat employees in a manner which ensures employees must have a seat at the table when discussing benefits and work place conditions, employ fair and just compensation practices and develop fair and just internal procedures for the handling of grievances.”

The goal is to make certain that workers’ views are heard by officials even though now only wages can be part of formal collective bargaining sessions.

The Messenger applauds this effort to ensure that already good communication channels between management personnel and city workers remain open and productive in the years ahead. Fort Dodgers value the hard work of city employees and their many contributions to the well-being of our community. Their input is always welcome through appropriate, legal channels.