Terrorism threat is not being contained

Residents of Ivory Coast have become recent victims in what amounts to a world war. Islamic terrorists attacked a beachfront resort in that country, killing 16 people.

Though the attack was the first by Islamic terrorists in that country, Ivory Coast officials had expected their nation would become a target. That did not prevent gunmen from an al-Qaida affiliate from carrying out the assault, however.

For some time, U.S. President Barack Obama spoke in terms of “containing” Islamic terrorists, even as he refused to refer to them as such. He still does.

But it became clear years ago the threat is one that cannot be merely fenced off from civilized people. Islamic terrorism is expanding at a rapid pace.

During the past year alone, Islamic terrorists have mounted attacks in at least 38 countries. No one is immune. From tiny, poor nations such as Bangladesh to military and economic powers including the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and India, no country has been spared.

Beyond any doubt, there are Islamic terrorist groups eager to add to the list of countries targeted.

It has been pointed out the likelihood of being victimized by a terrorist attack is quite small. That is true enough – but it ignores Islamic extremists’ goal, which is bloody attacks widespread and unpredictable enough to terrorize the entire civilized world.

They seem to be doing an excellent job of that. Recently, they added a new population, that of Ivory Coast, to the list of those with reason to fear them.

But they also reinforced the point critics of U.S. policy have made for years: Islamic terrorists cannot be reined in. They must be eradicated – and the civilized world needs to do more to make that happen.