Our allies in this fight need some help

Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq – with several dozen American volunteers fighting alongside them – have scored notable successes against Islamic State terrorists.

Jordan, with its people still furious the terrorists burned one of their pilots alive, has stepped up its attacks on the IS.

The Iraqi army is preparing to launch an assault, perhaps in April or May, to retake Mosul from the IS.

More advances, hopefully leading to the IS’s destruction, could be made if the United States would just provide more military hardware to fight the terrorists. Both the Kurds and Jordanians have pleaded for such aid.

They have not asked for active U.S. intervention beyond the sporadic air strikes President Barack Obama has authorized.

Congress is now pondering Obama’s request for a new authorization for use of military force against the terrorists. Presumably, he wants approval for use of American troops to attack the IS directly.

Again, however, our allies in the Middle East are willing to shoulder much of the burden – and loss of life – themselves.

All they ask for is more U.S. aid.

It’s time they got a positive answer from the president and both parties in the U.S. Congress.