Morse Lake project meeting set

CLARION — Plans to improve Morse Lake in Wright County will be the subject of a public meeting Tuesday, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Lake Cornelia Shelter at the north end of Lake Cornelia.

Morse Lake suffers from poor water quality due to suspension of silt and the lack of aquatic vegetation that is caused by a high population of carp, the Department of Natural Resources reported.

TJ Herrick, a wildlife biologist for the department, said the plan is to lower the lake level to jumpstart the return of aquatic plants, eliminate the fish and install a new water control structure that will allow them to stimulate natural water level fluctuations. The project includes a wetlands restoration downstream and a fish barrier below the wetlands to prevent fish from entering it and the lake.

Once the renovation is complete, Morse Lake will be stocked with northern pike, yellow perch, largemouth bass and bluegill.