Trap shooting club may go to old Humboldt landfill

DAKOTA CITY — The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors gave the go-ahead for the school trap shooting club to use property at the former landfill at Monday’s meeting. The board felt a formal vote was not necessary.

The club had been looking for a permanent location for its practices and had asked Supervisor Rick Pedersen about using the former landfill site northeast of Humboldt.

Pedersen checked with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources about the proposal. The DNR had no objections as long as the group was using property that had never been used by the landfill, Pedersen said.

The group had been using private property for several years, and it is time they find a more permanent location, Pedersen said.

The group had talked about eventually having restrooms and a shelter in the event of rain, he said. They are looking at three acres of land.

The site is along a stretch of gravel road with no residents. The land would need to be gated.

The proposal is still being explored, but if the board was in favor Pedersen said he would continue to move ahead with the idea.

There would be no expense to the county other than mowing the property by the conservation board, Supervisor Erik Underberg said.

Board Chairman Bruce Reimers said he didn’t think the board needed to vote on the proposal, but just give Pedersen direction to move forward.