Larson resigns part of Humboldt County duties

DAKOTA CITY — Melody Larson submitted her resignation as Humboldt County’s zoning officer, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act officer, and environmental officer to the Board of Supervisors Monday.

Board Chairman Bruce Reimers said he was going through papers on his desk during the meeting and came across the letter. It was the first time he or anyone else had seen it.

In the letter, Larson wrote she was submitting her resignation effective immediately.

“I am frustrated at the least with the lack of support given to me in these capacities,” she wrote. “I feel as though this board has overlooked my job performance in an attempt to save the county money, by placing this job title out at the county engineer’s office.”

“I have gone above and beyond to try to do the best for the interest of the citizens in the county as far as zoning goes,” she added. ”I try to treat everyone with respect and feel that a few members of this board have an agenda where I am concerned. “

“The county attorney has failed to communicate with my office on more than one occasion pertaining to zoning issues,” she wrote. ”The last one being the IEPC hearing on the 20th. Had I not gone to his office and inquired about it, we would have missed the meeting that we asked for.”

“She has not resigned as the emergency management person” Reimers said.

She had worked 32 hours a week in emergency management. The other duties made up about eight hours a week.

“The mayors of all the small towns are basically her boss,” Reimers, referring to emergency management. ”They increased her hours to 40. In order for us to take the other off the table we were going to end up having to pay time and a half.’

Board members asked County Attorney Jon Beaty about it and he recommended they find someone else to cover those duties so the county wasn’t over the 40 hours.