Humboldt County seeks sign grant

DAKOTA CITY — The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors applied for a sign replacement grant through the Iowa Department of Transportation on Tuesday.

If awarded, the IDOT will reimburse Humboldt County up to $10,000 for conforming regulatory, warning and school area signing materials, said Interim County Engineer Ben Loots. The materials will be used to replace signs that the county believes are deficient. All materials must be installed by the county within 180 days after the materials have been furnished and installed in compliance with federal and state requirements.

Loots said the county participated in the program last year.

“Last year we replaced all of our railroad crossing signs as well as about half of our stop ahead signs,” he said.

This year the county might replace the rest of the stop ahead signs, or signs coming in and out of curves.

If the county learns the grant is approved they will order the signs and install them and contact the state. The IDOT will conduct a random inspection of the signs and then issue a reimbursement.

The board approved applying for the grant.

Board Chairman Bruce Reimers said he had a discussion with Loots about whether he would be interested in filling the engineer position when it comes open. Loots indicated he would.

The board will need a work session to consider the direction of the Secondary Roads Department, Reimers said.