Tax statements have been mailed

Webster County Treasurer Jan Messerly reminds residents that tax statements have been mailed out Aug. 17.

If you own property and did not receive a statement, please contact the treasurer’s office. The tax statements are mailed out once a year in August before the first payment is due in September.

The first half is currently due Sept. 30, or you may pay the full year.

They become delinquent Oct. 1 and April 1. Payments must be postmarked Sept. 30 or March 31. If the last day of September or March falls on a Saturday or Sunday, payments will be accepted in the office on the first day of the following month without interest.

Delinquent taxes accrue 1.5 percent per month, rounded to the nearest whole dollar, with $1 minimum per parcel.

Failure to receive a tax statement will not relieve the taxpayer of interest accruing if taxes are not paid before the interest date. The treasurer is not responsible for any taxes missed or omitted. If you purchased property and did not receive a tax statement please contact the treasurer. Also notify them of address changes.

Payment processing can be made in the office, mailed, or online at