169/Sumner intersection will be redesigned in Humboldt

HUMBOLDT — A heavily traveled intersection that leads drivers from U.S. Highway 169 to Sumner Avenue will be redesigned and resurfaced in the summer of 2019.

Humboldt City Council approved plans for the project at its meeting Monday night.

The intersection is located just south of Cenex Crossroads.

According to Travis Goedken, city administrator, traffic that turns from U.S. Highway 169 onto Sumner Avenue Southwest will no longer be required to yield.

“You will be able to go straight through,” Goedken said. “That way we eliminate any backing up of traffic onto the highway.”

The redesigned intersection will feature a 4-inch mountable curbed island.

Northbound traffic on the frontage road, 13th Street Southwest, will be stopped after the intersection is reconfigured.

“That intersection is in bad shape and we’ve known it,” Goedken said. “We took a good look at the design of the intersection and had a council discussion on it last month. Ultimately we decided to go with one that has a mountable curbed island to split traffic — traffic going onto 169 and those that are going straight through off of Sumner and onto the frontage road, 13th Street Southwest.”

The curbed island will help direct southbound traffic on Sumner Avenue.

“If you are heading south on Sumner and you are going out to the highway because that is still Sumner Avenue, where it turns around the parking lot, if you are staying on Sumner you will go through, no stop, no yield,” Goedken said.

He added, “If you are going straight south onto the frontage road, which is essentially turning onto 13th Street Southwest, there will be a yield sign for that traffic. That’s where that 4-inch mountable curbed island will be to split that traffic.”

Bid letting for the project is anticipated to be announced at a meeting on Dec. 13.

The project is anticipated for completion by June 1, 2019.