Re-count by hand is part of new vote audit

Every Iowa county will conduct an audit of one of its precinct’s votes this year — by re-counting the votes by hand.

The audit is a new measure aimed at election security, said Webster County Auditor Doreen Pliner.

“I have a team of three who are going to come in Friday,” Pliner said.

The Iowa Secretary of State’s office chose which precinct would be targeted for the post-election audit, she said. This year it will be Fort Dodge’s precinct 3, which votes at the Lion’s Den in Armstrong Park.

That means there will be 426 ballots to count multiple times, she said.

The audit will take place at 10 a.m. at the Webster County Courthouse.

Based on the percentage of precincts in the state, the original plan would have required all but five counties to conduct an audit, Pliner said.

“Instead of making all but five do it, they just decided to make all counties do it, so it would be more fair,” she said.