Lehigh rejects proposed change to funds use

LEHIGH — Voters rejected a measure which would have changed how certain tax money is spent in Lehigh Tuesday night.

Local option sales tax will continue to only be used on roads. The measure, if it had passed, would have split the funds up 50 percent to streets and infrastructure, 10 percent to parks and recreation, 20 percent to community and economic development, and 20 percent to maintenance and equipment.

There were 120 votes no, and 63 votes yes, or 66 to 34 percent.

The plan was pushed for by City Councilman Doug Dellachiesa, and initially saw support from most of the council.

“It’s not surprising,” Dellachiesa said of the result.

He knew that popular opinion was turning against the measure.

“When we started having a lot of sinkholes in town, yeah,” Dellachiesa said.

“That’s all right. Some other time, maybe,” he added. “I’m not disappointed. We’re still going to use the money.”

Mayor Phil Richardson was opposed to the plan from the beginning, saying that the town needed all those funds to keep up with road maintenance.