Ignatius Kirby: ‘The main things that inspire me are … to earn the respect I deserve from my peers — nothing more and nothing less’

KIDS WHO CARE: Small, but mighty, they contribute to the community

Editor’s note: This Q&A missed its first appearance in Today Magazine due to deadline issues. It is part of a series about kids who are doing great things, and The Messenger is glad to be able to feature this young man here.

Ignatius Kirby

Eighth grade

St. Edmond School

Who do you look up to, and who are your super heroes or role models?

I look up to my superiors that make good choices and my role models are my minister Dr. B, plus Rachel. Both are from my church and I also look up to my 4-H club leader, Deb, and my leaders in Boy Scouts: my dad — Greg — Mr. Kramer, Mr. Fedelkie and Mr. Breyfogle. Some others I look up to are my parents, other church members in my church, and, of course, all of my teachers that have helped me in the past.

What inspires you to do the things you do that go above and beyond classwork?

The main things that inspire me are the urges to be a better person and to earn the respect I deserve from my peers — nothing more and nothing less. Another is that I want to be like my good superiors and be accomplished.

How do you see your leadership taking you into the future?

I think it would possibly take me to be team captain or become the leader I need to be for Boy Scouts.

What does leadership mean to you?

To me, leadership means to gain respect, not demand it, plus to be in charge, but listen to others and give them the respect they deserve.

What are you working hardest on?

I would say that I am working hardest on good grades and getting an Eagle in Boy Scouts.