Elderbridge has tips for having an enjoyable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday among seniors due thanks to its traditions and great food. However, Thanksgiving can be stressful for hosts, seniors and their caregivers.

Here’s some advice from the Elderbridge Agency on Aging for having an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Prepare special meals for seniors

As people age, some lose their ability to taste certain foods because their taste buds begin to fail. They may also lose the ability to chew properly and may need a special meal for the holidays. To make things easier on them, you may want to make food that is easier for your loved one to chew and digest.

Have patience

Patience is an important virtue to behold if you are a caregiver. But having patience may be difficult at times. When the person that you loved dearly for your entire life begins to change in front of your eyes, it may be difficult to reconcile their new self with their old self. However, they still are your loved ones and deserve respect and patience.

Take any help

you can get

At a family gathering, you probably will have many family members available to help you take care of your loved one. If anyone offers you help, take it. The more help you receive, the easier your holiday may go.

Don’t forget

about yourself

As a caregiver, it is important that you maintain your health duirng the holiday season. Watch what you east and drink and get plenty of rest. If you are too focused on making sure your loved one is comfortable and happy, then you wont’t enjoy the holiday yourself. This may lead to feeling burnout and disappointment that the holiday didn’t go well.

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