New life for an old alley

All new Eagle Lanes offers new menu, bowling leagues

-Messenger photo by Joe Sutter Deb Huntsinger, new owner of Eagle Lanes in Manson, has done extensive work remodeling and repainting the old bowling alley, including this eagle and a mural on the opposite wall provided by art students from Manson Northwest Webster. Eagle Lanes offers a completely new menu with Mexican food for lunch and pizza and pastas in the evenings.

MANSON — The sound of clattering pins has been missing for years now from Eagle Lanes in Manson.

Four years after the doors closed on the bowling alley on Manson’s Main Street, a new owner with a lot of help and a lot of work has brought bowling back.

Eagle Lanes, which got its name back when the school mascot was the Manson Eagles, is open now with a new menu, a new look, and new hands in the bar and the kitchen.

“I just think the town needed it,” owner Deb Huntsinger said. “To give the kids and everybody something to do.”

Work has been going on at the property for five months now, and it officially opened on Aug. 1.

-Messenger photo by Joe Sutter Daniel Knowles, second grade, rolls the bowling ball down a ramp at the recently revamped Eagle Lanes, with help from Brittany Hock.

“We did a lot to it,” Huntsinger said.

So far, Huntsinger said, the response has been great.

“We’ve already had several birthday parties,” she said, noting the birthday decorations still up on a recent Sunday next to the lanes. “We’ve been doing the birthdays out here until the party room gets done. We just decided there’s so many birthdays, and everybody’s booking, so we decided to leave the birthday stuff up.”

With the new menu, Eagle Lanes is also open for lunch. Burritos, tacos and enchilada platters are on the all-new menu from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We’re in the process right now of adding authentic Mexican food for lunches,” Huntsinger said. “It’s a little bit of a different thing for town, so we’ll see what happens.”

-Messenger photo by Joe Sutter Brittany Hock bowls a frame at the recently reopened Eagle Lanes in Manson. The bowling alley has been completely remodeled and a new menu has been added.

A coffee bar and espresso machine are now ready to go, in addition to the full bar.

In the evenings, the menu is various homemade pizzas and pastas, with the kitchen open from 5 to 10 p.m. Bowling continues on a few hours past that if necessary.

“Depending on if anyone is in here bowling we stay open. Usually we’re out by midnight,” Huntsinger said. “I don’t care to run it like a bar. I want it to be a kid-friendly atmosphere. So far so good.”

“Leagues start on Sept. 5 for men, and then women’s is Thursday, which is the sixth,” said Huntsinger. “Then we also have a youth league started. From ages 5 to 18. I think we’ve already got a full slot for the kids. That’s really good too. It sounds like this is the first time they’ve ever had a youth league here.”

Bowling is available during the day, with open bowling Friday and every other Saturday evening. Check social media or call the bowling alley for further details, as times may be subject to change.

Youth leagues play on Sunday 1 to 4 p.m., with open bowling after that.

To prepare for league bowling, Huntsinger had to have the lanes certified.

“They were actually on the lanes, down underneath, checking everything. We had to replace a few things, just to keep it going. It’s amazing what they do.”

The walls have all been redecorated, with help from the high school art students, she said. One wall even features a giant eagle.

Bowlers will do all their own scorekeeping, manually adding up the numbers.

Huntsinger grew up in Manson, moving away around 10th grade before moving back in the last few years.

“My kids all live pretty near,” she said.

Huntsinger has owned bars and restaurants before, but never a bowling alley.

“I’m the sole cook right now. We’ve got another cook just coming in, and I had someone call me the other day about cooking,” she said. “We also have a party room we are working on. It should be complete within a month. It kind of has been the catch-all since before we got it. It’s got to be cleaned out and re-done.”

Contact Eagle Lanes at (712) 469-3860, or find them on Facebook, but take note that the old “Eagle Lanes Manson” page hasn’t been updated in a few years. The new page can currently be found at