Funnel cloud spotted in Kossuth County

ALGONA — A funnel cloud touched down near Algona Tuesday afternoon, causing damage to buildings and crops as well as bringing heavy rains.

While David Penton, Kossuth County emergency management coordinator, could not confirm that a tornado struck the county, he did say a trained weather spotter saw a funnel cloud touch down southwest of Algona.

“It caused damage to a hog barn roof. It was blown off,” Penton said. “We had power poles, power lines down in the same area, as well as some crop damage.”

A storm system passed through the county at 3:45 p.m., according to Penton.

“With the storm system that came through, we have had heavy rain, which is ongoing,” he said around 4:40 p.m. Tuesday. “It’s still raining pretty heavily up here.”

There were also some reports of window damage, but no reports of injuries in the storm.

Penton said he was in the midst of a damage assessment Tuesday afternoon, and would have a clearer picture of what exactly happened at a later time.

A tornado warning was issued, as well.

“We’ve got a nice system rolling through the county yet,” Penton added.