Humboldt supervisors seek new way to lock up the courthouse

DAKOTA CITY — The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is looking into changing the locks on the courthouse which have not been changed since it was built in 1938,

The board received one quote of $169,986 from Electronic Specialists Inc., of Algona, for replacing the locks, County Auditor Peggy Rice said on Monday. Locks on all of the outer doors and the interior doors with locks would be replaced.

The locks will be keyed according to those who need to get in that door, Supervisor Carl Mattes said. The board is considering either electronic key fobs or cards.

Travis Kampen, network technician for Electronic Specialists, said the quote was for 48 doors.

“For a couple of years we have been putting money aside knowing that this was going to be on the horizon,” board Chairman Bruce Reimers said.

The county hasn’t quite set aside that much, Rice said.

Reimers asked if he dropped the card and someone else found it would it still be active.

Kampen said it would until it had been reported lost or stolen.

Each card would have its own identification. It can tell who was in the building after hours and at what time.

Each door can be programmed to be opened certain times of the day to allow public access.

“We don’t have to go around with keys and lock everything,” Rice said.“It was my intent that we try and keep the integrity of the courthouse look as much as we could.”

Kampen has found a way to do that, she said.

“One of the pros of this operation is we don’t know how many keys are out there floating around over the years,” Mattes said.

Sometimes when she is working late at night Rice said she wonders who else might have a key.

The work would take about three months, but could be done in phases, Kampen said.

“It is the first step in additional security measures,” Supervisor Erik Underberg said.

The supervisors decided to consider the proposal and will act on it Sept. 24.

The board might be required to seek other bids for the work, Rice said.

The board also approved a construction permit for the Colt Finisher Farm located in section 9 of Avery Township about two miles east of Bradgate. The approval was recommended by the Board of Adjustment. It is a new confinement site with two buildings to house 5,000 hogs. The owner is Market Farms LLC, of Iowa Falls.

The board approved an agreement with Gilmore City for law enforcement and emergency services. Gilmore City will pay the county $3,098 which is $11.03 per capita, with a 5 percent increase each year. The agreement is for two years.