FDCSD will repair part of roof on old Hy-Vee

-Messenger file photo by Bill Shea
The old Hy-Vee building, located at 109 N 25th St., which was purchased by the Fort Dodge Community School District, needs some roof repair.

A portion of the roof on the old Hy-Vee building that was acquired by the Fort Dodge Community School District in May will need to be replaced.

The FDCSD board approved the opening of bids for that roof replacement project at its meeting Monday night.

According to Travis Filloon, FDCSD director of buildings and grounds, the district knew part of the roof would need to be replaced when it purchased the 33,064-square-foot building.

“We did a building inspection,” Filloon said. “We weren’t going to end up with a surprise before making an offer. This roof replacement was known to be a problem at that time.”

The building, which the district has named the Annex Building, was purchased for $625,000 from Essex Holding LLC, of New York City, New York, on May 30. It is located at 109 N. 25th St.

Superintendent Jesse Ulrich said the district has yet to determine what the building will be used for.

Filloon said the previous owners had installed new roofing on the structure about 15 years ago, but left about a fifth of it unfinished.

“This current roof replacement is relative to that portion of the building,” Filloon said.

About 60 feet by 120 feet of roofing will need replaced. Insulation will also be replaced.

Filloon said the new roofing, located on the north side of the structure, would be a rubber membrane style.

The cost estimate for the project is about $130,000, according to Filloon.

“We expect a long-lasting watertight roofing when this is complete in that area,” Filloon said.

The new roofing is scheduled to be installed by Oct. 5.