City panel recommends giving up undeveloped alley

A piece of ground that looks like part of a Fort Dodge resident’s back yard is actually a city-owned alley that’s never been paved.

But it may legally become part of that resident’s yard as a result of action Tuesday by the city’s Plan and Zoning Commission.

The commission voted to recommend that the City Council give up ownership of part of the undeveloped alley that’s behind the houses on the west side of the 700 block of North Second Street.

Ann Garvey, of 720 N. Second St., requested that move. She hopes to acquire a 48-foot long, 20-foot wide section of that alley that’s behind her house.

When her request was received, members of the city’s engineering staff suggested that additional parts of the undeveloped alley be given up also. That additional portion, which is L-shaped, is bordered by homes at 714 N. Second St. and 127 Seventh Ave. N.

The commission voted unanimously to recommend giving up city ownership of the portion of the alley behind Garvey’s home and the portion suggested by the engineering staff. The matter now goes to the City Council for final action.