A sweet fundraiser today

Grace Lutheran children to operate lemonade stand

Children from Grace Lutheran Church will be operating a lemonade stand today to help raise money for school supplies.

The stand will be at the Dariette, 17 S. 12th St., from noon to 3 p.m.

Abby Seltz, a member of Grace Lutheran Church, said each child gets $5 at the beginning of the summer.

“Their challenge is to use $5 to serve others in the community,” Seltz said.

A couple kids had a fundraiser a couple weeks ago, which raised nearly $150, which Seltz said is enough to buy school supplies for 10 children.

“They’ve made it a goal to reach 24 kids,” she said.

The school supplies will be bought with the help of Upper Des Moines Opportunity Inc.

“Upper Des Moines Opportunity does a drive every year to try and get as many school supplies as they can,” Seltz said. “We thought we’d contribute to that. Once we collect all our money, we’re going to purchase school supplies and distribute to families.”

Seltz said the kids are also planning another lemonade stand that they hope to have in about three weeks.