Oxbow Park for sale again in Humboldt County

DAKOTA CITY — The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors has agreed to make another attempt at selling Oxbow Park.

Oxbow Park comprises 1.2 acres one mile west of Humboldt, north of Iowa Highway 3 along the West Fork of the Des Moines River. Acquired by the county in 1994, the property offers fishing and picnicking as well as a boat ramp. However, the ramp has been made unusable because of a shift in the river channel, Conservation Director Todd Lee has said previously.

There is also a two-story lodge built in 2000 with a 200 person capacity which the conservation board has been renting out for special occasions. Rentals have been down, however, averaging about 40 a year. It is a nice lodge but just not a money maker, Supervisor Erik Underberg said.

The board attempted to sell the property twice in 2016, and the conservation board lowered the asking price to $150,000 for the second effort. But the supervisors received no acceptable offers.

The conservation board would like to make another attempt to sell the property Lee told the supervisors Monday.

“If we were successful in selling that property, they would like to take those proceeds into developing Sheldon Park,” he said of the conservation board.

The conservation board has purchased 26 additional acres for Sheldon Park. Playgrounds, shelters, and campsites are bring planned for the addition. About 30 new campsites would be added to the park’s 50 campsites.

The conservation board wants to make Sheldon Park a regional recreational destination point, Lee said.

The conservation board wants to stick with the $150,000 minimum price and wanted to go through sealed bids again.

The land is zoned commercial, but could be rezoned to residential, Lee said. There are four lots and a well at the site.

Lee said a couple people have expressed interest in the site.

“I think we have a good shot at being successful this time but who knows,” he said.

The board set June 25 as the date for a public hearing on the sale.