C-SSMID board discusses signs for Corridor of Commerce

Improved signs and a possible logo were discussed for the Corridor of Commerce at the quarterly meeting of the Corridor Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District Wednesday.

Board members met at Fort Dodge Ford Toyota Wednesday afternoon to discuss any potential future projects for the board to tackle to improve the Fifth Avenue South corridor.

Matt Johnson, president of the C-SSMID board, asked about the potential for adding signs to the corridor promoting it and its mission.

“I think I could see something that would be, ‘Hey, welcome to our business community,'” Johnson said. “Something attractive.”

He called it “a nice indicator of your district.”

Maggie Carlin, associate city planner, suggested maybe utilizing light post banners, similar to how the city promotes Market on Central.

Lori Branderhorst, the city’s director of parks, recreation and forestry, said that’s something the C-SSMID board could allocate money for.

“Maybe it’s a banner that says ‘Corridor of Commerce,'” Branderhorst said. “Maybe that’s something we want to be looking at.”

She asked Carlin if there is a brand for the Corridor of Commerce. Carlin said there is not a brand for the corridor at this time.

Branderhorst suggested seeing if an outside person could be hired to develop a Corridor of Commerce brand and to help market the district.

“If that’s something the board would like, we can put together some specs and scope of service and kind of get some ideas of what that could be at one of our next meetings,” she said.

Carlin also briefly discussed the possibility of starting a sign replacement program. The goal would be to work with current property owners along the corridor that may have an aging sign and replace it with a newer one.

Other ideas for changes along the Corridor of Commerce briefly discussed included getting the limestone pillars along the corridor cleaned as well as potentially replacing right-of-ways that have rocks in them with ones that have either turf or concrete.

No decisions on any projects were made.