Musical move

Volunteers help relocate box sets for FDSH musical

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson Dean Black, of Fort Dodge, front, measures one of the box sets outside of a storage unit Sunday afternoon. Dean Getting and Erick Ellsbury look on.

When MaryJo Laupp needed help moving box sets and other props for a high school musical, Fort Dodge parents and volunteers from the community answered the call.

Volunteers gathered at a storage unit located just east of Family Dollar in Fort Dodge on Sunday to move supplies from there to the Fort Dodge Middle School, where the show is to be held.

Laupp is the director for the Fort Dodge Senior High musical. Students will take the stage for “Beauty and the Beast” on April 25 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for students K-12. Tickets are available at the FDSH main office or online at

The move needed to happen on Sunday to leave enough rehearsal time for students.

Conditions were not ideal, with whipping winds and blowing snow.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson Erick Ellsbury, right, and Dean Black, both of Fort Dodge, work on loading one of the box sets onto a trailer Sunday afternoon. The box sets are to be used for the upcoming Fort Dodge Senior High musical.

“It sure isn’t very spring-like out here,” Erick Ellsbury, of Fort Dodge said.

The large wooden boxes were not necessarily easy to move around, either.

Some of the helpers weren’t as agile as they wished they were.

“When you get over 60, it’s hard to hop around,” Dean Getting, of Fort Dodge said.

Getting was optimistic though.

“It’s going better than I thought it would,” he said.

Getting backed up a trailer with precision to make the loading easier.

Dean Black, of Fort Dodge, took measurements of the box sets.

When asked how much stuff there was, Roger Porter, of Fort Dodge, said, “A lot. We already took one load over.”

Porter said Jim Laupp deserved credit for his hard work, too.

“He built all of this,” he said.

Jim Laupp stopped by to check on the progress.

“Slowly, but surely,” he said.

“We’re not done yet,” Getting said.

Sawyer Springer, 15, a freshman, and Jacob Laird, 16, a sophomore, were there to help.

They are in the cast for the musical.

“We only have one more load to go,” Laird said. “It doesn’t look too heavy.”

Getting wasn’t too sure about that.

“Yeah, OK,” he said.