Wacky Wednesday

St. Edmond students take inspiration from Dr. Seuss when it comes to creating what’s on top

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
St. Edmond Elementary School kindergarted teacher Katherine Gross helps Cooper Neuberger with his wacky Wednesday hat Wednesday afternoon as his classmates, Carson Kruthoff, at left, and William Gubbels work on theirs.

At St. Edmond Elementary, on Wednesday it was. Young students took paper, and made all new hats.

I do like this hat, one of them said. It’s an animal, just not a cat. In fact though a critter, it’s not from a litter, but hails from under the sea’s briny waves.

It doesn’t have fingers. It doesn’t need mittens. It’ll never have kittens.

Whatever it is, this creature of lore, it’s alive and kicking and being worn and, unlike a sheep, it can never be shorn.

What is this critter, not from a litter?

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
Cael Lindner, a kindergarten student at St. Edmond Elementary School, looks a little less than thrilled with the ability of his Wacky Wednesday hat to stay above his ears while listening to a story in class Wednesday.

It’s a squid, and no, Jace Buss, is not kidding.

He made it himself, Wednesday afternoon, on Wacky Wednesday, in his kindergarten room.

“I’d like a pet squid,” he told all his friends.

One of whom answered, “I look like a purple plum.”

Buss then asked, in all seriousness: “Do I look like a squid?”

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
William Gubbels, a kindergarten student at St. Edmond Elementary School, decided to wear his Wacky Wednesday hat in a wacky way, upside down during story time.

He did indeed, if you closed your eyes, and used your imagination, to see through his eyes.

His St. Edmond teacher, Katherine Gross, said making wild hats is a good thing to do.

“We’ve been learning,” she said. “About adjectives.”

They’ll write more later, and learn even more, like finding fun words, adjectives galore.

It’s all part of a birthday, for the late Dr. Seuss.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
St. Edmond Elementary School kindergartner Jace Buss proudly shows off his Wacky Wednesday hat for his classmates after completing it. Buss said it was a squid.

The hat-making students, of all stripes and sizes, also wore socks, in five different sizes. Some had bold stripes, and some were mismatched, some bore no resemblance to their other foot’s half.

On Monday they learned about ham and eggs — green ones, we’re told, served without yams.

They’ll also spend today immersed in more words, reading with buddies from the nearby third grade.

Then Friday they’ll travel, and learn many things, enjoying some Seuss: “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”

Gross, too, way back in school, loved Dr. Seuss, a love that lingers.

“I’m still a fan,” she said full of glee.

There are no Grinches in her hat-filled room.