FDCSD board approves new schedules

The Fort Dodge Community School District board unanimously approved new schedules for each of its schools at its meeting Monday night.

At its last meeting, the board tabled action on the schedules, citing more time needed to consider the change.

Jennifer Lane, FDCSD director of communications and community relations, presented information relating to the new hours.

She said the changes provide more time for teacher collaboration and continuous professional development. Lane said research has shown that to be an important component for increasing student achievement.

According to Lane, the schedules will provide a consistent daily schedule with no 1:10 p.m. dismissals built into the calendar.

Lane said by having an earlier dismissal time, student athletes will miss less class time.

She said parent feedback indicated support for the schedule with families appreciating the earlier start time to get kids to school before needing to be at work and the elimination of 1:10 p.m. dismissals.

Staff feedback indicated support for the schedule with staff excited about more collaboration time and staff getting to use their prep time to prep for their individual classes.

Stu Cochrane, FDCSD board president added, “There’s no perfect schedule. I’m sure it will take some getting used to.”