Asphalt, concrete patching planned for FD this year

Portions of 11 Fort Dodge streets will be repaved with a thicker coat of asphalt this year, the City Council learned Monday.

Also, Kenyon Road will again be the site of a concrete patching project as it was last year. This year, the patching work will also extend east to Fifth Avenue South.

The concrete patching work is estimated to cost $475,000.

The larger asphalt paving project is estimated to cost $1,356,000.

Dave Odor, the city’s geographic information specialist, said the work will consist of removing the existing street surface in a process called milling and putting down a new layer of asphalt. Engineers and road construction workers call that kind of job a mill and overlay.

The new layer of pavement will be 4 1/2 inches thick instead of 3 inches thick, Odor said. He said the thicker layer is intended to make the new pavement last longer.

Part or all these streets are tentatively set to be repaved this year:

• Floral Avenue

• Fifth Avenue North

• Fourth Avenue North

• Third Avenue North

• North 13th Street

• North 16th Street

• North 18th Street

• Prospect Avenue

• South 15th Street

• South 16th Street

• South 18th Street

Odor said railroad ties left over from an old trolley line are starting to emerge on 18th Street south of Fifth Avenue South, creating bumps in the road.

The council took no action on the proposed paving plan.

However, Councilman Terry Moehnke recommended creating a left turn lane on Kenyon Road that would enable eastbound traffic to turn into the Friendship Haven campus.